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Parking concerns draw police attention before Bishop McDevitt game

Updated: Thursday, September 5 2013, 09:54 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

HARRISBURG -- Last weekend, Swatara Township Police say that they had major problems with people parking illegally throughout the Chatam Glenn Development.

Chris Lamp and his family live in that area.

"If I have space, by all means, you can use it, as long as you respect my property," said Chris Lamp, Swatara Township resident.

Swatara Township Police Chief Jason Umberger says football fans parked and walked on lawns, making their way to the Bishop McDevitt football game, trespassing, blocking driveways and hydrants.

They parked on both sides of the streets, making it tough for fire trucks to get through.

So now, police plan on beefing up patrols Friday night; ready to ticket people who break the rules.

"We're asking people to comply with the law and park in those areas that are legal to park, please honor no parking signs that are out there. They're out there for a reason, maintain public safety so that fire trucks and EMS can navigate through that neighborhood if they need to," Umberger said.

Police will place temporary "No Parking" restrictions on one side of the street for the following streets: Chatham Glenn Way North, Woodland Court, Glenn Drive, Glenn Court, Chatham Court, Randolph Court, Sawgrass Court, Terry Davis Court, Farmhouse Lane, Southridge Terrace and Knapp Drive.

Those streets were identified by police as having the parking issues during the football game last week.

Chatham Glenn Way and North 61st Street is the intersection police say you're going to want to cross to get to the game Friday night. Police say it's your safest bet, because fire police will be there to help you cross the street.
Dan Ford was there when the parking problems happened.

"It was congested. I saw one car, across the street, parked by the fire hydrant, but to me it was no different than almost every Sunday. We have the same type of parking up and down the street for soccer that takes place here," Ford said.

Police say if you are caught parking illegally you could be fined anywhere between $10 and $75.

And they're asking you not to walk on North 61st Street; please use the sidewalks.
Parking concerns draw police attention before Bishop McDevitt game

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