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Parking fines may go up in Carlisle

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 08:50 AM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst

Big changes may be coming to the way people park in Carlisle. And as with many things these days, there's an app for that.

Parking meters and smart phones -- it seems like the natural progression of things that the two eventually would sync up, and in Carlisle, that soon may happen.

"You feed it, you feed it, you feed it, and the way it is now, you run outside or you get a ticket, and then you have to pay the ticket," Sarah Harless said.
Parking in any city can be frustrating, but Carlisle is trying to make it a little easier by installing new parking meters that sync with smart phones.

"They (the old meters) still function, but as they fall into disrepair, we are finding it difficult to find parts," Matt Candland, borough manager for Carlisle, said.

By installing an app, users can pay a meter from anywhere with nothing more than a touch of a button -- but users will have to pay for it.

The company will charge a fee for each transation. The amount has not been negotiated, but could be as much as $.40. Currently, coin-operated parking meters in Carlisle charge either $.25 or $.50 per hour of parking.

"I think that's a good idea. Coins are pretty outdated," Steve Osborn said. 
Kevin Billman disagreed: "I'd rather have money myself. It's just easier. I don't have to worry about the app thing. I just pay it and leave, if I want to pay it at all."

Under the proposal before borough council, parking rates would remain the same, $.25 for gold meters and $.50 for silver meters. The meters themselves only would be updated as old ones fail.

And to deter people from not paying the meter, over-time parking fines would be increased from $5 to $15.

The proposed ticket increase is not without controversy.

"That sounds excessive," Osborn said.

Billman again disagreed: "It's $15. It's not a big deal. I paid the fine plenty of times, so I can pay $15, too."

The borough did originally look at replacing the meters with what are called "smart meters," that take all forms of payment, but that would have forced the borough to nearly triple its rates.

Council is expected to make a final vote on the recommendations in about a month.Parking fines may go up in Carlisle

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