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PennDOT to accelerate restocking salt supply

Updated: Wednesday, February 26 2014, 02:42 PM CST
Reported by: Michael Gorsegner
Posted by: Sara Small (

PennDOT crews are working to prepare for this latest round of winter weather. At the same time, trucks are working around the clock to bring salt to some hard hit areas across our state. 

Instead of waiting for delivery of the much-needed salt supplies, Governor Tom Corbett has directed trucks to go to Delaware to pick up salt off of the barges. This delivery comes at the same time that crews are gearing up this morning for another round of potential winter weather.

“We are on track to having the heaviest salt usage that we have had in the past 15 years,” said Greg Penny from PennDOT.

It seems like this is the winter that just keeps on giving. 

With the threat of more snow in the forecast, PennDOT is preparing for the worst.

“This has been a winter that we have had a heavy use of salt,” Penny said.

To date, road crews across the state have used nearly one million tons of salt battling over a dozen different storms. 

That usage is nearly 32 percent more than the average, so much so that the state is working round the clock to replenish its supplies.

“Managing salt is a challenge.  I think we can do that for the rest of February and hopefully winter wraps up,” said Penny.

But the state can't just hope, it has to prepare.  The Governor is accelerating deliveries of road salt, sending dozens of trucks to a port in Wilmington, Delaware to pick up supplies. 

Over the next week, 20,000 tons of salt will hit area salt sheds.  However, the hope is that it will never have to be used.

“Hopefully, we don't go into March and continue this pattern,” Penny said.

The deliveries are scheduled to take place through next Tuesday and focus on three areas like Philly, Allentown and here in the Harrisburg region. 

Other areas will be replenished but the need is less critical. 

Most people are hoping that this is just a precautionary measure and this salt will sit until at least next year. 

PennDOT to accelerate restocking salt supply

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