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Pennsylvanians run into website issues trying to sign up for ACA

Updated: Wednesday, October 2 2013, 09:12 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

YORK --  It’s the second day for open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. Some states had thousands register within hours, but in Pennsylvania, technology is standing in the way. 

The marketplace sites have crashed, and many can’t get past the login step. 
Obamacare experts say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

They wish it would not have any kinks – but say it’s likely crashing because so many people are trying to access it. The key thing to remember is the deadline to follow through with registering is not until March 31.

Instead of logging off with a healthcare plan – many in Pennsylvania can’t even log in to the marketplace system. The website that launched Tuesday for affordable healthcare package sign up is getting so much traffic – it’s essentially frozen. 

“I actually think it's pretty amazing that so many people are interested they've actually crashed the site, “Jenni Black, with Family First Health in York, said, adding that the user delays are not what they anticipated.

“We have been gearing up for this. We expected to have plan design information and specific cost information available to patients yesterday but the site has been hit very heavily and the site is still not available,” she said.

They do have a closer price prediction to offer though: but the closest comparison is for a plan in Pittsburgh. There, a 27-year-old making $25,000 per year could expect to pay around $119 per month on the low end, while on the high end, a family of four could expect to pay $505 per month.

“Our ideal would've been in real-time people coming and ask for assistance and we can sit right down with them immediately. Now are just taking peoples’ names and numbers and will contact them when the website is up,” Black said.

They expect the website to be up by next week, perhaps even this week.

The deadline to register is March 31, but if you want coverage by Jan. 1, you must enroll this month.Pennsylvanians run into website issues trying to sign up for ACA

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