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Police to hold press conference on I-81 road rage killing

Updated: Thursday, January 9 2014, 08:58 PM CST
Reported by: Christina Butler

CHAMBERSBURG -- Pennsylvania State Police are holding a press conference at 10 a.m. Friday to update the Interstate 81 homicide.

Timothy Davidson was gunned down in what police believe began as a road rage incident. No suspects have been identified. It happened Sunday morning three miles from the Maryland state line.

AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety has tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of road rage.  There three pieces of advice are Don't Engage, Don't Offend, and Adjust Your Attitude.

They suggest that if you accidently cut someone off, try to apologize. Make an appropriate hand gesture if you can safely do so.  If you encounter an angry or aggressive driver, they recommend avoiding eye contact. They say communicating with an angry driver can make the situation seem personal.  A separate AAA Foundation study examined 10,000 road rage cases over a seven year period.

The study found the incidents ended in 218 murders and more than 12,000 injuries.

The press conference Friday will be held in Chambersburg and involve several agencies, including police from Maryland.Police to hold press conference on I-81 road rage killing

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