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Police investigating home invasion in Dallastown

Updated: Thursday, October 31 2013, 10:18 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

DALLASTOWN -- In Dallastown, just days before Halloween, there was a scary moment for four people living in the 200 block of East Main Street.
Tuesday night, three people kicked the door of the residence down. One of them was wearing a mask like the one seen in the movie "Scream."

"It's not good! I don't like it. It's nice around here and it's out of the ordinary, really weird. I was pretty sketched out for a little bit," said Ken Herr, a neighbor.

Herr lives next-door to the home that was invaded and he says he heard loud noises that night.

"It was crazy! It was loud, but I mean it didn't seem out of the ordinary, ya know what I mean?," Herr said.

The masked man and his buddies tied up the people inside and robbed them at gunpoint.

"I talked to him (the homeowner) last night and he told me what had happened. They took the phones and money and all this and he is like, 'I don't know why they would do that.' He doesn't even know who it is," Herr said.

The scary situation has him on high alert.

"I gave her (his girlfriend) a Taser. I stayed up (the) past two nights waiting," he said.

As police looked through the home to investigate, they found some drug paraphernalia and arrested one of the victims.

Police are still looking for the men who broke into the home. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 741-1259.
Police investigating home invasion in Dallastown

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