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Police investigating theft of guns, worried about criminals finding them

Updated: Friday, October 18 2013, 07:28 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

WARWICK TOWNSHIP -- More weapons are on the street after police say 13 guns were stolen from a Lancaster County home.

According to police, five handguns and eight long guns were stolen from a home in the 800 block of Lititz Pike in Warwick Township Tuesday evening.

The owner of the home is a gun collector, so many of the guns are unconventional, and some are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

“Anytime there’s guns that are stolen on the street, everyone needs to worry about it,” George Pappas, lieutenant with Northern Lancaster County Regional Police, said.

Police released a list of all the guns stolen with descriptions. People who work and live in the area say it’s frightening to hear that guns are on the streets. “I guess you never know the intent of the person who took them, but certainly would fear the worst,” Justin Oberholtzer said.

Police say at this time there is no evidence showing the robbers knew the guns were in the home, but they’re afraid the guns could fall into the hands of criminals.

For this reason, police say if you own any guns, you should do your best to keep them safe. “It’s all a part of responsible gun ownership,” Pappas said. “Get a nice secure place to put your guns – a gun safe, fireproof gun safe. Limit the amount of people who know what you own, it’s really nobody’s business, and protect them as much as possible.”

Anyone with information about this burglary or who knows the whereabouts of the following guns is asked to contact police.

* Smith and Wesson Model 629 : Stainless Steel 6 shot revolver Packmyr grips
* Glock 23: Night Sights 9mm threaded barrel
* Smith and Wesson Model 66 : Stainless Steel 6 shot revolver Packmyr grips
* Walther P 22 : Blued threaded barrel attached green lazer sight
* Glock 27: Lazer max guide , night sights and after market trigger safety

Long guns:
* DPMS LR 308: Synthetic Stock 4x16 yoller scope
* Double Star AR-15: Red dot scope, typical M-4 black set up
* Two Savage Model 12: Laminated Stock threaded barrel and one with synthetic stock
* Stevens 200: Synthetic Stock with Scope
* Savage 93 R 17: Camo Synthetic Stock scope and spot light
* Remington 700: Synthetic Stock w/ scope
* Ruger 10/22: blued wooden stock and scope
* AK-47 WASR-10: Wooden stock
Police investigating theft of guns, worried about criminals finding them

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