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Police out in force on St. Patrick's Day weekend

Updated: Sunday, March 16 2014, 09:14 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman (

On one of the biggest drinking weekends of the year, our crew rode along with police in Dauphin County, as they searched for drunk drivers.

"I would not be surprised if we get a call to come up to Second Street up on restaurant row," said Sergeant David Crawford, Steelton Police Department.

For close to 25 years, David Crawford has been working detail on St. Patrick's Day Weekend.

"They generally have a big mess out there two o'clock in the morning it'll be a mess," said Sgt. Crawford.

They often backup Harrisburg Police on holiday weekends.
The Sergeant with the Steelton Police Department says that St. Patty's Day is known as amateur night, when those new to drinking hit the town and some times end up in jail.

"When two people are intoxicated all it takes is for one person to slip and fall and hit their head the wrong way and instead of going from a simple disorderly conduct or public drunkenness, now you're in a situation where you're charged with an aggravated assault," said Crawford.

During our ride along, our cameras caught Sergeant Crawford making a routine traffic stop. But as the sun goes down, some of those will turn into DUI arrests.

"On St. Patrick's Day (weekend) guys are out hunting. There's 100 cops just like me out in Dauphin County right now and they're hunting. They see you with one head light if they see you with one tail light if they see you cross over the yellow line, two or three times they're going to pull you over and they will investigate," said Crawford.

Sergeant Crawford says a big help is the Phlebotomist, a medical technician who takes blood from those arrested, testing them for alcohol and drugs. One will be working at the Dauphin County Booking Center tonight.Police out in force on St. Patrick's Day weekend

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