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Police release new details in search for I-81 killer

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 12:28 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

CARLISLE -- In effort to possibly shake out a new tip in I-81 homicide case, state police released part of 9-1-1 recording that includes some of the last words spoken by the victim. 

By the time Timothy Davison's car was forced off I-81 in Franklin County, he had already been pursued for miles and shot at by a driver in a Ford Ranger.

Amazingly, his voice sounds calm as he talked with dispatchers.
Dispatcher: Were you the one who called about the Ford Ranger,  right?
Davison:  Yeah yeah, the one that just hit me. 
Dispatcher: What do you mean they hit you, hit you with a car?
Davison: Yeah, smashed me with a car pushed me across the median.

Police say it would be just minutes later that his attacker would get out of his truck, walk to Davison's Silver SUV and fire into his car, killing him.

A better description of the suspect's truck was also provided thanks to police using lab techniques on paint that was transferred off the suspect's truck onto the victim's vehicle.

“After extensive examination into the paint transfer evidence that was obtained from the victim’s vehicle, we are focusing our efforts on locating a 1993-1997 dark Lapis blue (Ford Ranger)," said Trooper Rob Hicks.

State police for the first time released a specific model years and the color of the suspect's truck,  Previously, they had kept it much broader.  

"We are approaching nearly two months since this incident occurred," Hicks read in a prepared statement.

The goal of all this is to jog someone's memory and to keep reminding body shops that the suspect's truck would have had front driver-side damage.

Tim's mother also talked with our sister station in his hometown of Poland, Maine. He was driving home from Florida when he was killed at around  2 a.m. Jan. 4.

"I wouldn't want anyone to lose your child like I did, so I ask for anyone out that night, they may have gone northbound saw two vehicles, and thought it looked like a scene from 'Fast and Furious,'" she said.

Davison's family in Maine is also setting up a website -- convinced that someone saw something that night or has seen the truck.

"We know there are people who saw these incidents northbound and southbound, if they can just call and say anything that might help us," she said.

The family is also offering $10,000 as reward on top of a $10,000 reward possible for crime stoppers.Police release new details in search for I-81 killer

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