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Police targeting speeders in work zones

Updated: Friday, August 23 2013, 05:51 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

EAST PENNSBORO -- Police were out in force on Route 11/15 in East Pennsboro Township today, conducting an aggressive driving detail targeting drivers who were speeding in work zones.
In just three hours, police issued 33 speeding tickets to drivers going more than 15 miles per hour over the work zone limit.

“We’ve been getting some complaints from the workers about the excessive speed while they’re working in the work zones,” Robert Ressler, patrolman for East Pennsboro Township Police, said, adding that workers deserve a safe environment. “These workers are out here doing a service and a job to improve the highways.” 

“The work zone is a big safety issue,” Denelle Craul, patrol sergeant for East Pennsboro Township Police Department, added. “The workers are out walking around, trying to improve the bridge for the public, and we need to make sure the workers remain safe.”

Fritzi Schreffler, a PennDOT Spokesperson, said this goes beyond just breaking the law, it’s about keeping people who are working safe.

“This is the office for our employees, for our contractors, for anybody who works outdoors,” Schreffler explained. “Their office is just feet from where you’re speeding past them, so if you’re supposed to be going 25 and you’re going 50, that’s a real problem.”

Even though today’s police detail was focused on keeping construction workers safe, Schreffler says they’re not the only ones in danger. “More motorists are killed and injured in work zones every year than actual employees are.”

To track what speeds cars are traveling, police use a device called "ENRADD," or Electronic Non-Radar Device. The device shoots two laser beams across the roadway, and then transmits the speeds back to the officers.

Police only ticketed people who were traveling 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit.

Officers say they weren’t surprised by the amount of people they witnessed speeding, and they hope aggressive driving details like this will help people realize that sometimes it’s better to leave earlier and drive the speed limit, rather than speed to get places. 
Police targeting speeders in work zones

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