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PP&L warns local customers about scams

Updated: Tuesday, October 22 2013, 06:19 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

HARRISBURG -- Officials with PPL are warning customers of potential scammers as well as impostors who claim to be with the electric company.

Jim Nulton, a spokesman with the PPL’s office of Harrisburg, said the threat of people posing as employees is a year-round concern.

“The threat is year-round with people trying to gain access to your financial information and using a utility scam is very common,” he said.

Tracy Noll of Cumberland County came close to falling victim to a scammer identifying himself as a PPL worker. 

“It could be a valid thing and it may not be and, in the case for me, it wasn’t,” Noll said. 

She said the calls came repeatedly over a period of days, usually around the same time. Noll told CBS 21 News that the person on the other end of the line wanted more information about her bank accounts.

“We’re very suspicious of those kinds of calls,” Nulton said.

Last week, PPL tweeted an alert to its followers that if anyone has doubts about a caller or visitor representing PPL to verify the identity of anyone who claims to be with PPL. 

PPL officials are also concerned about people showing up at front doors. If the person cannot provide proper identification, Nulton said be suspicious.

“If somebody is knocking on your door and saying they're from PPL, don’t let them in the house,” he said. Nulton added that anyone who is suspicious should also call police and report somebody is attempting to gain access to the home.

Noll reported her claim to the attorney general’s office in Harrisburg. She said they responded shortly afterwards and said the phone number of the person calling her appeared to be from Florida and was indeed a scam.

Anybody with concerns about verifying the identity of a PPL staffer should call 1-800-342-5775.PP&L warns local customers about scams

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