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Private businesses in York City starting to boot illegally parked cars

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 06:03 PM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst

YORK -- If you travel in downtown York, be careful where you put your car -- a lot of businesses are now booting vehicles that are parked illegally.  

Booting cars is nothing new, but it is new to York. After the local towing company cut service to the city, private companies like CGA had a find a new way to keep people out of their parking lot during business hours. And they found it.  

It’s easy to see, or hear, that Downtown York is busy and growing. But with more people comes more problems, especially with parking. So with that in mind a couple dozen downtown businesses have hired a company to boots illegal parkers.

“People park here and go to lunch, go to the courthouse, go to market, do whatever they want to do. And we didn’t have enough parking spaces for our tenants and the people coming here on business,” Larry Young said.

Young is with the CGA Law Firm, which owns an office building that recently hired Parking Lot Services, or PLS, to boot illegal cars in their lot. The boots go on quickly, along with a sticker that gives a number to call. Only after a payment of $75 does the boot come off. All the money goes to PLS.  

“PLS has really, I think, made the lot a lot more manageable. We have a lot more open spaces and the people here are supposed to be here,” added young. 

Proponents say everyone wins with booting. The car owner wins because it’s not as inconvenient or as expensive as towing, the business owners wins because it keeps people from parking illegally and the city wins because this will drive more people to city lots.

But not everyone is convinced. Brenda Young likes to go downtown, but feels the boot sends a negative message and it would keep her away.

Amy Ritson disagreed: “If you know the downtown, you know where to go. So, maybe the people that aren’t so likely to be downtown will make better use of the parking garages, hopefully.”

The booting is independent of the city. So at city parking spots, if you park illegally, you still get an old-fashioned ticket. 

Private businesses in York City starting to boot illegally parked cars

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