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Problems with potholes will end up hurting your wallet if you hit them

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 06:02 PM CST
Reported by Christina Butler:

YORK -- A recent AAA report says Americans file some 500,000 auto insurance claims because of potholes each year.

PennDot has already warned this year will be especially bad for potholes.

If your car is damaged because of a pothole, the cost to repair your vehicle is all on you.

Pennsylvania law says PennDot cannot be held responsible financially for damages from potholes; including rim, dents, or tire damage.

At Jim’s Auto Repair in York County, owner Gary Bankos says even if you don’t notice damage on your car after driving over potholes, chances are it’s still there. “If you run over a serious pothole, there is no doubt that at least your alignment will need checked,” he says.

The three most likely areas of your car to be damaged are wheels, tires, and alignment. Most shops will offer an alignment check beginning around $80.00.

Bankos says some damage may not show up right away, but can eventually harm your tires.  He expects their shop to get really busy the further we get into spring, adding that cooling systems may have been impacted over the winter with several single digit temperature days.
While it may be impossible to completely avoid potholes, Bankos suggests going as slow as safely possible over them.

“Speed is critical.  You hit a pothole going 10 mph, your chances of doing a lot of damage are low,” Bankos explained.  “If you hit a pothole going 35 or better, you're going to do some damage.  You're going to knock that alignment out, there's no doubt about it.”

If you spot a pothole, PennDOT asks you to call their pothole hotline at 1-800-349-7623.
Problems with potholes will end up hurting your wallet if you hit them

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