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Proposed warehouse in York Co. draws ire

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 10:23 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

NEW CUMBERLAND -- A heated public hearing drew hundreds of people to the Fairview Township Fire Company Tuesday night, all to discuss a proposed site for a warehouse facility just down the road.

Goodman-Bitcher, based in Australia, hopes to extend its North American operations to York County by building a one-million-square-foot building on acres of land along Lewisberry Road and I-83. 

Troy Briggs, who works for the company, filed the application to the township months ago and presented at the meeting. He reported to the board and the public the warehouse would bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue to the area, as well as plenty of jobs. 

But as far as how many jobs and what would be stored inside -- that remains to be seen.

Briggs said he doesn't know who would lease the building from his corporation and how it would be used, but said it would most likely be a Fortune 500 company. That answer didn't settle well for the crowd.

"This is not a 24-7 in and out truck driving," said Briggs. "This is a warehouse and distribution storage."

One public commenter questioned the speculative building. Briggs responded by saying the company wouldn't proceed with the $60 million cost associated with it if he didn't feel so confident.

Jonathan Greer, a spokesman for the grassroots organization Concerned Citizens for Fairview Township, said he's not against development, but did not feel this area is appropriate for the developer's vision.

"Anyone who travels on I-83 knows that current 83 setup just can't accommodate the current level of traffic," said Greer. "You're going to add that level of truck traffic as well as other vehicle traffic. It's a square peg trying to force itself into a round hole. It's just not going to work."

Tuesday night's public hearing was not able to finish on schedule between witness testimony from the developers and public comment. The hearing is scheduled to continue Sept. 9 with the location to be determined.Proposed warehouse in York Co. draws ire

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