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PSU reaches agreement with 23 Sandusky victims, three more pending

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 06:38 PM CDT
Reported by: Kirk Clyatt

ENOLA – It appears Penn State may finally be reaching the last chapter in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse saga.

Penn State announced today that it had reached a settlement of close to $60 million with 26 young men abused by Sandusky.

The settlement announcement came after negotiations that lasted nearly a year.

Penn State announced that agreements have been signed with 23 of the victims and that the remaining three victims have reached agreements in principle.

“Having a legal focus, having to think about it and talk about it and have this be a focal point of your life, that is certainly over, which I think is a benefit and relief to people. Knowing that your story was believed and having it validated by saying not only do we believe you, but you are deserving of compensation for the damages that you have incurred, that sort of validation is important,” Kristen House, with the PA Coalition Against Rape, said. 

After Sandusky was convicted last year of 45 criminal counts, Penn State said it was determined to compensate the victims. The university says that liability insurance will cover the cost of the almost $60-million settlement.

Sandusky continues to maintain his innocence and is seeking a new trial as he serves a 30- to 60- year prison sentence.

The university is still facing six other claims that make produce additional settlements.

Houser said that one in six boys under the age of 18 are sexually abused and that those most likely to be abused are age 10 and under.

Regardless of age or gender, anyone who needs crisis services is welcome to contact the PA Coalition Against Rape. There are 50 centers across the state.

For more information, go the PA Coalition Against Rape’s website,, or call 1-888-772-7227 
PSU reaches agreement with 23 Sandusky victims, three more pending

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