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Public transit service coming to Carlisle, Mayor says it was sorely needed

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 10:46 PM CST
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

CARLISLE -- Public transportation is coming to Carlisle as PennDOT and Capital Area Transit announced Tuesday that buses will begin running regularly throughout the town in the coming weeks.

Carlisle’s mayor says this is a long awaited need for the rides.

Years and years, that is how long Carlisle officials said they have needed a public transportation system, especially at a time like now.

Evette Robinson moved her Harrisburg-based shuttle service south a few months ago after the town’s last taxi service abruptly shut down.

“We’re getting a lot of calls since the newscast needing rides to work,” Evette explained.

We first met her in January when finding rides throughout Carlisle was virtually impossible.  Since then other cab and shuttle companies like hers have expanded service to the area.

“The mass transportation in Carlisle needs transportation in any form and if we all work together we can get the job done,” Evette added.

In the coming weeks, there will be a new way to get around the streets of Carlisle.

“The need is there and demonstrated,” stated Mayor Tim Scott.

CAT transit buses will start picking up riders not only in Harrisburg, but in Carlisle regularly.

“The transportation bill created the revenue for it,” Scott continued.
There will be three routes, one taking riders to the hospital and medical places, another route in shopping areas like Wal-Mart, the third route transporting workers to warehouses in the Carlisle area.

Scott says that is why this is a little bit unique, the circular route to fix the situation now presents another option for those in Carlisle who need a ride to go from point A to point B.

“Transit and cab services exist side-by-side, every other place in the civilized world (has both) and there’s got to be a need and also a market for all of us to work together,” Scott commented.

“If we all work together it’s going to work and Carlisle's going to benefit from all these resources in Carlisle now getting people to where they got to go,” Evette agreed.

The mayor says the buses will make a total of 36,000 rides a year.  They're still working out the plans, but plan to get the buses running in a month.Public transit service coming to Carlisle, Mayor says it was sorely needed

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