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Rally held in Harrisburg to encourage lawmakers to raise minimum wage

Updated: Thursday, March 20 2014, 12:08 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers (

Religious leaders, community groups, women's rights activists and others all came together in Harrisburg to encourage lawmakers to increase the minimum wage in the commonwealth.

They sat the minimum wage is not keeping up with the cost of living and they are struggling.

The current minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25 an hour. While that is on par with the federal average, when compared to surrounding states, Pennsylvania ranks as one of the lowest.

The last wage increase was in 2009 and for Representative Patty Kim, who serves many impoverished areas in Pennsylvania, says it is time for a change.

"If we raise the minimum wage there will be more money in people's pockets. They're not gonna say they need basic stuff, food, clothing and just household items. And that will actually help the economy and spur things along so everyone is doing well."

Some say that if a bill like this passes, more than 500,000 people would lose their jobs nationwide and that small businesses would be impacted as well.

The rally also marked the announcement of the "Raise The PA Wage Coalition," a mainly grassroots effort where they hope lawmakers will listen up, saying that most Pennsylvanian's support the wage increase.Rally held in Harrisburg to encourage lawmakers to raise minimum wage

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