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Residents learn about concealed carry laws in Pennsylvania

Updated: Saturday, March 22 2014, 09:12 PM CDT
Written by: Jesse Knutson (
More than 200 people gathered in York County to expand their knowledge on the concealed carry laws in Pennsylvania. The seminar took place at the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company.

Speakers included Representative Seth Grove, who set up the seminar, as well as attorney Anthony Menges and Southwestern Regional Police Chief Gregory Bean.
Chief Bean says these seminars are great because they allow law-abiding citizens the opportunity to learn more about what the law provides them.
“We have people that are very responsible, they want to know what they can and can’t do, and that’s great for our community,” said Chief Bean.

“The more outreach we do, the more we talk about firearms laws, driving laws, the better educated public we have, the less crime we have, and the more responsible citizens you’ll have,” said Rep. Seth Grove.
Representative Grove also says this is the fifth seminar they’ve done on the topic, and each time more and more people come, and at every seminar, people can ask whatever questions they have.
“Obviously we make laws, but we need to have the general public understand them, and not knowing a law is not a defense for enacting in an inappropriate or criminal way,” said Grove.
The seminar covered what rights gun owners have in Pennsylvania, when it’s appropriate to use force, where and where you cannot carry your gun, and how Pennsylvania laws compare to other states.

“We don’t want anybody to go out there and violate the law, even if it’s by accident because they just didn’t know. We want to make sure they know what their rights are so they don’t run a foul of the law,” said attorney Matthew Menges.
Gun owners were encouraged to not just know the laws, but to be comfortable with their guns in case they ever have to use it.

“If you’re not comfortable with a firearm, go out with someone who is and learn to handle it safely," said attendee Tim Snook.
Representative Grove says he plans to have more seminars in the future to keep the public informed of their rights.Residents learn about concealed carry laws in Pennsylvania

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