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Schools take steps to prevent future on field fights

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 05:50 PM CDT
Written by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

A half-time fight has cost two local football teams a forfeiture and they'll be heading into Friday night's game with fewer players.

Steelton-Highspire and Susquenita High Schools have taken steps to make sure another fight doesn't happen.

A  video from a phone shows what happened at the end of the half  between team members of both schools. 

Some have used the term brawl but Susquenita High School’s Athletic Director called that an exaggeration.

“ It wasn't that bad it was a fight but not a big fight came off the bench and helped them out helping their teammates out,” said 8th-grader Adrien Hailey, who was at the game with his grandfather.

Even so, both schools took the half-time events very seriously. So did the Mid-Penn Conference which required each team to forfeit the game, a game that was halted at the half with the score 25 to 0 in Steelton’s favor.

Also, any player ejected  because of the fight, will not be allow to play in this week's game.  Susquenita's Athletic Director Gary Wagner says they also added additional penalties for some of their players. He says  that the team has been told what is expected of them and they will

A Mid-Penn Conference spokesman said both schools have accepted responsibility and there has been no finger pointing.

“Probably less fair for Steelton since they were winning 25 to 0, but kids got the learn keep you but on the bench,” said Steelton fan  Larry Gustin 

Another fan, Justin White said, “It’s bad for the other team too but overall steel high should have won the game.”

The teams also had to develop plan to increase the odds that this won’t happen again.
Schools take steps to prevent future on field fights

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