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Searching for Stupar: Was Super Bowl jersey thrown away?

Updated: Friday, February 28 2014, 11:27 PM CST

Posted by: Jason Bristol

See the story:

HARRISBURG -- A former Penn State football player now in the National Football League is searching for his priceless memorabilia -- even though he was told the items were thrown away by FedEx.

Nate Stupar, a linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is hopeful someone out there has seen his belongings.

"Yeah, I feel helpless," said Stupar, who uses the Twitter handle, "TheNastyNate54."

"I mean, I have no control."

No control over what's happened to his Philadelphia Eagles jersey and a San Francisco 49ers jersey from last year's Super Bowl. Stupar played for the Eagles in 2012. He joined the Jaguars last December after being waived by San Francisco.

Both mean the world to him and both have disappeared.

The last thing Nate heard, FedEx, the company entrusted with delivering them, for some reason, tossed them in the garbage.

"I bet they're still out there," said Stupar in an interview with CBS 21 Sports Director Jason Bristol. "They weren't thrown away. No ones going to throw away a Super Bowl jersey."

That's what we figured.

That's why, nearly every day for the past four months, Bristol has been searching the web to see if Stupar's stuff was possibly stolen, and put up for sale.

It hasn't turned up.

"It's come to a complete halt," said Justin Coble of Stadium Studio, a sports memorabilia store and framing shop in the Colonial Park Mall, Harrisburg.

Stadium Studio has also been searching -- for answers.

Stupar had his jerseys framed here last year, along with a playoff program signed by former teammates NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis. Once the framing was finished, the items were boxed up, shipped out and delivered, through FedEx -- to Nate's parents' house in State College.

"So I texted them and called them and I'm like, did you get my jerseys?" recalled Nate. "They're like, 'No.'

Here's where the story really gets messy.

"My two sisters -- no," continued Stupar. "Their significant others -- no."

"And I'm like...what?"

FedEx claimed the items were delivered, then came back and said they weren't delivered, according to Coble.

When Stadium Studio called about its whereabouts, documentation stating this items were  shipped on August 13 and delivered on August 31 changed -- suddenly replaced by phrases like "refused by recipient;" "damaged;" and "unable to deliver."

Just as confusing?

Enter the tracking number now on the FedEx website and the package is still "in transit." The last known location? It was back at a FedEx facility in Lewisberry, York County, on August 16.

Remember, a FedEx log shipment lot provided to Stadium Studio had it delivered on August 31.

Stadium Studio says, in the past, Fed Ex has returned damaged packages to its store, minus the glass from the frames for safety reasons; but the jerseys have always been fine and not damaged.

This time, though, Stadium Studio claims FedEx's local Pick-up & Delivery Manager -- or P&D as it's known -- told them Nate's priceless, one-of-a-kind items were thrown in the trash.

"What they're trying to say was the piece was damaged beyond repair. (That) the (FedEx) company policy is to throw it away," said Justin Coble of Stadium Studio. "That is absolutely incorrect."

So, what is FedEx's policy regarding damaged items?

That's just one of the questions we wanted answered.

After calling and calling the local FedEx branch and corporate headquarters; and sending numerous emails, we finally got a response. In an email, FedEx wrote "all of our customer's shipments are important to us" and "it is our policy not to discuss the details of our customer's shipments."

"We work directly with our customers to assist them on their specific issue, and if necessary (sic) begin the claims process," it continued.

Both Stadium Studio and Stupar believe FedEx hasn't done enough.

Stadium Studio says it recently filed a claim -- valuing the items between $1500 and $2500 -- and FedEx denied it; Coble says FedEx replied it needed more information to prove their worth. Stadium Studio is still working on that claim.

"Nasty" Nate, while helpless, is also hopeful Nate. That his jerseys and program are still out there, ready to be returned.

'I just want them back," said Stupar. "I mean, money can't replace a Super Bowl jersey."


Update (2/26): Bristol reached out to FedEx again on Wednesday for comment on this story, which aired on Febraury 25. In an email, FedEx media relations wrote: "I can tell you that our previous statement to you remains consistent for this matter. All of our customer's shipments are important to us...We work directly with our customers to assist them on their specific issue, and if necessary begin the claims process."

Searching for Stupar: Was Super Bowl jersey thrown away?

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