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Several Party City stores burglarized

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 06:00 PM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst

HARRISBURG -- Police in Lower Paxton Township don’t have much to go on after a local Party City was burglarized sometime yesterday morning. Police are calling these burglars “sophisticated” and “professional.” They broke in, took what they wanted, and left without a trace. 

“Not much to go on in this particular one,” Lt. Gary Seefeldt said.

For Seefeldt and the Lower Paxton Township Police, they have their work cut out for them. Sometime over the Sunday night hours, the Party City on Jonestown Road was broken into.

Police don’t know by how many people or even what they were driving. The well-trained burglars cut the alarm wires, took the surveillance computer hard drive, and then stole the floor safe. But it wasn’t quite the perfect crime. 

“This particular crime was most likely not worth the time and energy they put into it. They put the money in the bank where it belongs,” said Seefeldt. 

Seefeldt says this “sophisticated” crime is becoming a trend. In late September, three men from out of state were arrested for multiple local burglaries. They also cut phone and cable wires and disabled alarm systems. It took months to catch them and it involved many police departments working together, which is happening now with this most recent burglary.

Sunday night another Party City was hit in Berks County and in August one in Lancaster County. Local investigators are already working with those municipalities. 

“The only way to solve something like this, an individual department cannot do it, the only way to do it is to work with other departments and putting intelligence together,” added Seefeldt.

It’s believed that Party City was targeted due to Halloween being Thursday and the stores sell a lot of costumes.Several Party City stores burglarized

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