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Sewage spills into homes after water main break, boro says it's not paying for the cleanup

Updated: Thursday, October 31 2013, 10:00 PM CDT
Reported by Christina Butler:

MILLERSVILLE -- A crappy situation in Lancaster County, as about ten people in Millersville are dealing with sewage invading their homes.

The street mainly impacted is West Charlotte Street.

Crews are working on the location of the water main break, but it's primarily a few homes that are left picking up after sewage flooded their homes.  The worst part though, they say the borough isn't doing anything to help them with the cost, even though it was their line that burst

“It was just a pool of brown murky smelly water,” commented Lindsey Gerner.  “It was just spewing out of our toilet and there was nothing we could do to stop it.”

Lindsey and her husband are on day two of cleanup.  Overnight Wednesday, they woke up to find their basement flooding with what they would soon learn was sewage.

For close to two hours, they could only watch helplessly as 40 to 50 gallons per minute of sewage water spilled into their finished basement.

Claire Hammond's 94-year-old mother’s home on West Charlotte was also hit.

“I can't even think about it when I first went down it was just overwhelming the damage that was done,” explained Claire.  “In the back of your mind what it actually is, the mud, the sewer, everything.”

The Gerners tore up their carpet, threw out furniture and ripped out drywall. Only then did they learn they'll have to foot the $20,000 bill on their own.

“That I wasn't expecting at all,” Lindsey told us.  “At the time I just wanted the water to stop and the poo out.”

The borough has said they plan to use an immunity clause in their insurance, which protects them from covering damage from their own sewer lines.

“We don't have that kind of money in our pockets,” commented one of the victims in this messy ordeal.  “It may be that our family doesn't have part of our living space.”

“Especially for the elderly that they have to lay out that kind of money, it's sad, it's really sad when I feel they’re already struggling,” Hammond added.

“Most of the people on the street have been here for a long time,” one resident told CBS 21.  It is a community that we at least expected someone would sit down and talk with all of the affected people.”

CBS 21 did reach out to the Borough for a statement, however they did not get back to us. 

Sewage spills into homes after water main break, boro says it's not paying for the cleanup

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