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'Sliding' purse-snatching scheme targets women

Updated: Friday, August 9 2013, 10:15 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP -- A new crime called “Sliding” is spreading across the country, and it’s targeting people who are filling up their cars at gas stations. 

“Slider” attacks consist of robbers pulling up to parked cars at gas pumps, sliding into the passenger side doors, stealing purses, electronics, and other personal items, then speeding off. 

According to police, the crime only takes an average of 19 seconds to complete, and most people don’t even realize they’ve been robbed. 

Most of the actors target women, because they’re most likely to leave personal items, like their purses, in the front seat while filling up. 

Police say this new crime is a problem because most people believe their belongings are safe if they’re close-by, and therefore they don’t pay close attention to their surroundings while filling up their tanks.  

To keep yourself safe from this crime, police suggest you lock your car while filling up your tank, and always be aware of what’s going on around you. 

People here in Central Pennsylvania were surprised when we told them about this crime.

“It makes me think now that I need to start locking my door when I get out and get my gas,” Brian Dumm said.

“My cell phone, my iPad, everything is right there,” he added.

Others had never heard of it, but they say nothing surprises them anymore.
“This just goes to prove that you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times,” Mark Huepembecker said.

“Be security conscious at all times, have your valuables out of sight and secured, and just really be aware,” he added.
'Sliding' purse-snatching scheme targets women

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