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Snowy sidewalk has one grandmother concerned about her grandchildren and the community's safety

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 07:03 AM CST
Reported by Kyle Rogers:

DALLASTOWN -- An uncleared sidewalk in Dallastown has a grandmother fearful for her grandchildren's safety; her daughter's neighbor's sidewalk has remained unclear for some time, she said.

Susan Ditzler reached out to CBS 21 News after she felt complaints of her grandchildren's neighbors’ sidewalk were going unheard, citing it is not a safe walkway for her grandchild's route to the bus stop.

"I just want a safe path," said Jessica Umphred, Ditzler's daughter. "Not even for just my daughter, but anybody walking on it."

Umphred said she contacted Dallastown Area School District concerned for her six-year-old daughter's safety. She said an official from the school district advised her daughter walk along the road, East Main Street, to get to the bus stop.

Unhappy, Umphred claimed she reached out to a lawyer and mentioned that to the school official. On Thursday afternoon, her daughter was dropped off at the family's driveway, just down the street from her usual stop.

According to the mother of seven, the bus will drop off her child at the bottom of their driveway until action is taken.

CBS 21 News contacted the school district Thursday afternoon, but the call was not immediately returned.

David Garabedian, Dallastown Borough's Code Enforcer, recalled the family's complaints.

"No, there's definitely not an excuse," he said.

Garabedian said a notice was issued to the man who owns the home to clear the sidewalk.

In the borough of more than 4,000, Garabedian said he received a handful of complaints of snow not being removed from sidewalks.

Within borough limits, snow must be cleared from walkways within 12 hours of the last snowfall. If not, homeowners would be issued a notice. After five days, if the snow is not removed, homeowners would be fined nearly $600, according to Garabedian.

When a CBS 21 News reporter knocked on the homeowner's door, a tenant answered and said the man was not home at the time.

Garabedian said the issue was noticed and the homeowner is closely approaching a deadline before being fined. He added this is not the first time the home was brought to his attention recalling prior winter storms.

"We just want safety," said Ditzler. "Safety first."

The family said they hope the issue is resolved, but added if they have to, they might shovel their neighbor's sidewalk.

Snowy sidewalk has one grandmother concerned about her grandchildren and the community's safety

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