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State Police release more video in connection to I-81 homicide

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 01:21 PM CDT
Reported by Donna Kirker Morgan:


WAYNESBORO -- Another bit of evidence was released Thursday about the deadly road rage incident on I-81 earlier this year. It is a video that captures the suspect minutes before he kills a young man who was driving home to Maine.

The video was from surveillance cameras taken from the Mason Dixon Auto Auction that sits beside Interstate 81.

The video shows the suspect's Ford Ranger pick-up passing by in the southbound lane.

That means he actually turned around and came back to kill 24-year-old Timothy Davison.

Davison's voice seems calm in a 911 recording released several weeks ago. Calm, despite just being rammed off the highway by the Ford Ranger pickup truck.
Perhaps it is because Davison thought his attacker was gone, but the video just released Thursday shows that Ford Ranger had doubled back.

Police say the video shows that truck just yards away from Davison's crippled SUV and occurs just moments before he is killed.

The homicide happened January 4th just after 2 a.m.

Davison was stalked from the Maryland line into Pennsylvania, fired upon and then rammed off the road.

Despite efforts of a multi-state task force, his killer has not yet been found.

State Police Trooper Rob Hicks says they have many troopers working on the case and are convinced that they can still find Davison's killer.

We also wanted to know why the task force is just releasing bits and pieces of the story, they believe this strategy will pay off in the long run.

Hicks tells CBS 21 News that they only release information in small pieces because too much information at once could hinder their ability for a conviction down the road.

State Police have released a video from the homicide of Timothy Davison. Davison was shot and killed on I-81 in Franklin County, on January 4.

State Police believe this video may be helpful in identifying potential witnesses, a press release said.

"The video is being released, not so much to focus on the suspect's vehicle, but more so to identify possible witnesses," said Lt. Adam Kosheba, Commander, Criminal Investigation Section, Troop H, Harrisburg.

Police officials say they are confident that the suspect vehicle and the driver were observed by several motorists on I-81 between Martinsburg, WV and Interstate 70 in Maryland.

Police say they believe several motorists who were traveling on I-81 near Exit 3 in Antrim Township, Franklin County, saw the victim's vehicle in the median and possibly the suspect vehicle.

Police released the attached video to provide a visual of the potential witnesses who were driving in the area at the time of the incident.

In the video, the first vehicle you see (traveling left to right; southbound direction on the Interstate) is the suspect's vehicle.   This video is from the Mason Dixon Auto Auction, taken at approximately 2:09 a.m. showing mile marker 3.0 on Interstate 81.  This video capture was taken after the suspect ran Davison off the road, police said.

Police say in the video, the suspect vehicle is returning southbound, to Davison's vehicle, which was stuck in the media. Police say this happened moments before the shots were fired.

The suspects vehicle is described as a 1993-1997, Dark Lapis blue (may also appear black depending on the lighting), Ford Ranger pick-up truck that would likely have sustained damage to the driver's side of the vehicle.

State police are asking anyone who may have been in the area during that time and witnessed anything, whether they believe it to be significant or not, to please contact the PA Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.  All callers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward up to $10,000.

In addition to the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers reward, the family of Timothy Davison is offering an additional $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for this crime.  To learn more about Timothy Davidson and how you can help, please visit the family's website at   State Police release more video in connection to I-81 homicide

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