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Suspect wanted in weekend stabbing turns himself in

Updated: Friday, October 25 2013, 05:53 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- A man wanted in connection with a stabbing has turned himself in to police. CBS 21 was the only news outlet at the Swatara Township police station when he walked into police custody to face criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault charges.

The 25-year-old suspect walked into the police station with his attorney and pastor at his side.

Chanel Florimon-Peguero turned himself in at Swatara Township Police Department today to face two charges of criminal attempted homicide and two charges of aggravated assault.

"He's never been trouble in his life, he has been in the country for four years, he has good friends and family those people are all certainly shocked," said Corky Goldstein, his attorney.

"We are going to argue this in court not in media but to say  it right now certainly self-dense," Goldstein said.

The charges stem from an incident on Oct. 20 at Mid-Town Pizza, 955 Eisenhower Boulevard, in which two people were stabbed. Florimon-Peguero was taken to the Dauphin County Booking Center to be arraigned.

Police say he and another man, Yonis Mercedes, were responsible for two people being stabbed at the Mid-Town Pizza in Swatara Township Saturday night.

Police have confirmed that Florimon-Peguero has never in trouble with the law before, but according to the court records filed against Mercedes, police say Florimon-Peguero started the fight inside the bar by hitting a man in the face with his fist and then again with a bottle.

The fight spilled out into parking lot and ended with two people being stabbed. Both survived and yet Florimon-Peguero and Mercedes now face attempted homicide charges.

At the Midtown Pizza Bar and Grill, the owner didn't want to comment.

We can expect to hear more of Peguero's defense at a preliminary hearing that has yet to be scheduled.

"There will be preliminary hearing not waived certainly want to here what allegation are and what other people are saying but from everything we see and know definitely case of self-defense," Goldstein said.

Peguero is a native of the Dominican Republic and has limited English skills.

He is to be arraigned Friday night. His co-defendant was given $500,000 bail which he was unable to post.
Suspect wanted in weekend stabbing turns himself in

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