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Susquehanna Twp parents hold prayer vigil

Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 10:32 PM CST
Reported by: James Tully

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP -- A group of parents uniting together and praying for change.

It's the latest chapter in the ongoing saga at the Susquehanna Township School district.

Expressing disappointment in the overall direction of educational standards and disappointment in the people calling the shots, hundreds of parents made their voices heard without even stepping to the podium.

A few other parents even called to a higher power.

A prayer circle outside the Susquehanna Township school district office, not a common occurrence before a board meeting.

And neither was the handing over of a petition signed by nearly 900 parents called for the resignation of all three district superintendents.

Joyce Powers is a former school employee she did most of the legwork for the petition.

"I think what we are going for with this is all along we've been told that there's just a few disgruntled people. 880 is not a few disgruntled people," Powers tells me. She is hopeful that it's an action that will speak louder than any statement made at the podium.

When the meeting concluded Monday evening I asked several different board members what their reaction was to the prayer vigil and the petition, all of them declined to comment.
Susquehanna Twp parents hold prayer vigil

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