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The Farm Show's famous food court is open for business!

Updated: Friday, January 3 2014, 06:46 PM CST
Reported by Jesse Knutson:

Harrisburg -- The Farm Show is back in action in Harrisburg for its 98th year.

The more than week-long event started Friday when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett made a toast with one of the famous Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association’s milkshakes.

“Milkshake was great!” Corbett said. “Absolutely wonderful, not exactly on the diet, but we’ll work around it!”

This year is the 60th year that the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association has served milkshakes at the Farm Show, and three women dubbed ‘The Golden Girls’ have been serving the milkshakes since the first year in 1955.

“When we first started making milkshakes, we actually started with an opening of a brick of ice cream,” said Fae Snyder, one of the golden girls. “We would put it in a cup, then we added either chocolate or vanilla flavoring.”

Corbett says he visited the Farm Show since he was a young boy living in Harrisburg, and he says it’s possible that one of the golden girls served him his first milkshake.

The golden girls, who volunteer along with more than 400 others, say they love doing it every year because of the reaction people have when they put the straw to their mouths.

“When they take the first sip and they say, ‘Mmm, good!’” Janet Eppley, a golden girl, said.

This year, along with the classic treats, there are some new additions, and one of the biggest hits with visitors is the bacon.

“It’s bacon! How could you not love bacon?” Karen McFadden, a visitor from Harrisburg, said. “It’s six slices of bacon for $3.”

Karen says the Farm Show has so much to offer, that if you’ve never attended, there’s no better time to attend than now.

“You get to see a lot of things from Pennsylvania under one roof, it’s a little bit of everything!” McFadden said.

The Farm Show will continue through Saturday, Feb. 11, and will be open nightly until 9 PM.
The Farm Show's famous food court is open for business!

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