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Thermal imaging camera reveals heat loss areas in homes

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 07:06 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG -- The frigid temperatures are probably putting a dent in your wallet every time you get your heating bill. We used a thermal imaging camera to show how much money is going out the door, or window, or roof.

The camera we used for this experiment is owned by the Susquehanna Township Fire Department. This camera is usually used to find people trapped in a fire or to find hidden hotspots in the walls of a home.

We found a willing homeowner in Susquehanna Township as well. Ironically, our experiment with the thermal imaging camera proved that Paul Mummert's house was very well insulated.

The camera show very few white areas which would show heat emanating off a wall or ceiling. Seeing heat, would mean that a home was not well insulated.

We soon found out why Mummert's house is very well insulated. He recently bought a big entertainment unit.

“My wife came down and looked at it and said you are buying me new doors and window,” Mummert said.

Those doors and windows are really paying off for the Mummert household, as the thermal imaging camera showed very little blue around each of his windows. 

Very little heat was also leaving from the cracks of his front door. And in his neighborhood, other rooftops showed a lot more heat loss than his home.

“I just had 10 inches of insulation blown in this attic this fall so looks like it paid off,” he said.

We found many thermal images of homes that do not stand up to the cold as well as the Mummert home. 

However, we did catch one trouble spot for Mummert.

Susquehanna Township First Assistant Chief Scott Young showed Mummert signs of heat leaking from a downstairs laundry room. Mummert said that he hadn't noticed the cold leaking in that room because he tries as much as possible not to not go into the laundry room.

There are Energy Auditors in the Harrisburg area who have thermal imagers that can reveal how your home stands up to the cold. The estimates does come at a fee but a homeowner could do the math to see if an energy audit would pay-off in the long run.

Thermal imaging camera reveals heat loss areas in homes

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