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Town awaits decision Thursday night on their outspoken police chief

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 06:02 PM CDT
Reported by Chris Papst:

Gilberton -- A crowd has gathered in Gilberton, Schuylkill County as former Police Chief Mark Kessler is trying to get his job back.  Kessler lost his job after he posted internet videos firing automatic weapons.

The hearing started around 530 p.m., and former Police Chief Mark Kessler has received a lot of outside support from people who think he should get his job back.

By now, many have seen the video of Kessler firing automatic weapons, swearing and talking about public officials.  The video went viral and Kessler, who is now running for Schuylkill County Sheriff, lost his job. 

But Thursday night, at a hearing he has a chance to get it back.  One group supporting Kessler calls itself ‘Ride for the Constitution.’

They are on their way to Washington D.C. to protest the government and planned to stop by Gilberton to support Kessler.  But many in town don’t support him.

“He’s just a bomb waiting to go off,” believes resident Joseph Hannon.  “He’s likely to come to one of these meetings and start shooting.  Especially with all those nuts he has going around with him.  I just don’t think he deserves to get his job back.”

“He has his First and Second Amendment rights,” countered supporter Frances Barlow.  “He has these rights and he’s exercising them.  What good are rights if you are not allowed to exercise them?”

At the end of the hearing, Borough Council will decide is Kessler gets his job back.  The town once had 5,400 people, but now it’s down to 800 people. 

Neighbors told us that many wanted Kessler gone simply because Gilberton no longer needs a police force.  He is the only officer. 
Town awaits decision Thursday night on their outspoken police chief

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