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Trip with home heating oil delivery man shows the high demand during cold temps

Updated: Friday, January 3 2014, 06:47 PM CST
Reported by Christina Butler:

On frigid days like Friday and several upcoming, many of us just want to jack up our thermostat.

Using all of that extra home heating oil keeps delivery drivers busy.

We spent the day with an oil delivery driver, and besides being very cold, he was very busy.

Shipley Energy has a policy that if a customer is below a quarter tank, they’ll get there to fill it. Plus, they have all of their usual home deliveries on top of the emergencies.

Spencer Beatty with Shipley Energy had his hands full Friday, running oil to at least 45 homes in York County.

Because of the weather outside a lot of people are upping their heat to keep their home warm and they run out of the oil much quicker.

He knows what happens when that happens on a frigid day.  “A lot of people are in their homes with coats on and headgear trying to stay warm,” Beatty addressed when showing up at homes that have no heat.

That’s why he’ll work all day, going home-to-home to make sure customers’ tanks are full.

“It seems like we get more calls from people worrying about running out of oil and then sometimes we get out there they don't need as much as they thought they did,” Beatty continued. “At that time we still make sure everybody has the oil they need to have at the moment.”

Filling a tank is quick, “if it's a 50 gallon tank it could take maybe 30 seconds that's fast very fast and the expense adds up just as fast,” Spencer added.

Shipley doesn’t have a designated price point per gallon, but in Pennsylvania right now, prices can range from $3.50 to $3.80 a gallon.

With the fluctuating cost of both electric and oil some people have found a hybrid solution that works for their budget

Harry Stollemeyer uses heating oil and electric heat.

“We're very happy with it we only used 100 gallons of oil last year and our electric wasn't that much more,” explained Harry. 

Either way, it’s important to stay on top of your maintenance.  Beatty suggests thinking about your home heating oil the same way you check your car’s oil.

“Just take the time go look at your meter and if you feel like you're low please go check it and make sure it's in proper order that way if you need it we get it if you don't at least you're safe,” Beatty advises.

In addition, if you are getting a fill up on home heating oil, you are asked to clear a path for the deliveryman.  
Trip with home heating oil delivery man shows the high demand during cold temps

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