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Truck crashes into home in Lancaster

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 12:38 PM CDT
Written by: Brandie Meng

In Lancaster County, a couple is relieved to be alive, after a late night surprise crashed through the front of their house.

According to East Lampeter Township Police, two males allegedly stole two, 50" Sanyo flat screen televisions from Walmart. Police say the suspects loaded the televisions into the bed of a GMC Sierra pick-up truck and left the parking lot.

Police say the truck crashed into the home in the 100 block of North Ann Street.

Jo Davis lives in the home that was hit. She says she was upstairs and her husband down stairs when the truck crashed into their home. She told us " I heard a loud screeching sound then a motor sound, then the crash.
My husband was screaming  Jodi there's a motor in the house.
So we came down and he was worried the bricks would fall on us, so we went out the back."

Police have confirmed no one was injured.

Neighbors say they saw the driver and a passenger take off running after the crash.

At this time, police are still searching for the suspects. Police say one of the televisions fell out of the truck, while it was speeding away. The other television was recovered from the bed of the truck.
Truck crashes into home in Lancaster

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