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Truckers aim to shutdown the Capital Beltway to protest government

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 11:15 PM CDT
West Hanover Township -- Not only is the government partially shut down, but now a caravan of truck drivers is planning to shut down traffic around Washington.

Their caravan is expected to pass right through the mid-state.

Thursday night, we talked to truckers who are participating in the government protest.
They tell us it was planned well before the government shutdown.

"We make big bucks and we got big bills and a lot of those is government regulation, it's just out of control and its needs to be gotten under control," stated an organizer.

Mostly all are independent truckers who plan to descend on Washington D.C. starting Friday through Sunday, essentially blocking traffic in around the Capital Beltway.
No word on just how many truckers plan to participate.
CBS 21 News will be following the developments on this starting Friday morning at 5.Truckers aim to shutdown the Capital Beltway to protest government

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