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Two rallies collide at Washington D.C. on a solemn day in American history

Updated: Wednesday, September 11 2013, 06:39 PM CDT
Reported by Kristine Frazao:

Washington D.C. -- While the nation remembered the victims of the September 11 attack, two rallies collided in the nation’s capital.

But, the hype of Muslims versus motorcycle riders may have been bigger than the rallies themselves.

“We’re marching here to speak loud enough that we want to be united in courage,” stated march participant Diana Castillo.

It’s been planned for more than a year.

But the Million Man March against Fear, formerly known as the Million Muslim March, turned out closer to a dozen, with more media than protesters.

The idea was to rally against fear, particularly of Muslim people.
“There’s a lot of hatred in the country right now toward Muslims who are totally innocent,” explained Castillo. “Not only that, we’re bombing Muslim countries.”
Despite the low turnout, the topic spawned other surrounding protests like a small group of Christians who does blame Muslims for the terrorist attacks on September 11.
“The people who ran into the buildings were Muslim,” urged protestor Ruben Israel.  “They were not little old blue haired Presbyterians.”
But the largest group came on bikes.  The bikers were protesting the protest and standing in solidarity with the 9/11 victims.
But why protest on this day of remembrance?

Organizer Isa Hodge says the day is significant.
“This is the day that they began the fear-mongering propaganda to make the word Muslim synonymous with terrorist,” commented Hodge, the march organizer.
A pocket of people divided, while most use the day to come together and remember.
Two rallies collide at Washington D.C. on a solemn day in American history

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