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UPDATE: After cop rescues dog after car accident; South Londonderry Police announce formation of K-9 unit

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 08:24 PM CDT

Posted by Nate Wardle (

Thursday night, we have an important announcement that came about from the heroic work of South Londonderry Township Officer Nick Ague.

The South Londonderry Township Police Department is very pleased to announce that they have begun the process of implementing a K-9 program.

Patrolman Nick Ague will be heading up our program as the Handler. The recent attention garnered from Patrolman Ague’s involvement in helping an injured dog resulted in an overwhelming response and support for a K-9 program in our community.

The Police Department is very grateful for the comments and encouragement that we have received. It is South Londonderry’s intention that the K-9 would be primarily used to benefit our Township, but additionally that Patrolman Ague and his dog would be made available to assist nearby Municipalities upon request.

We believe the benefits and success of K-9 Units are well known and documented, and will improve the Police services that we are able to offer to residents and visitors in many ways.

We are now reaching out for help to get the K-9 program off of the ground. We have received some commitments for sustaining the Program once it is in place, however we are in need of financial support for the initial ‘Start-up’ cost and training.

The total minimum cost for the initial implementation is $18,000.00, with total outfitting being approximately $25,000.00.

The minimum cost includes the purchase of the dog, the training for Patrolman Ague and the dog, supplies and equipment. Patrolman Ague’s fellow Officers have already committed to donating the first $1000.00.

If you would be interested in helping them achieve the goal of implementing this program, please send your donation to South Londonderry Township Police Department, P.O. Box 3, Campbelltown, PA 17010. Please memo your donation “K-9 Fund.”

South Londonderry Police again offer our thanks to everyone who has voiced their encouragement and support.

Reported by: James Tully

In Palmyra, a police officer who went beyond the call of duty to rescue man's best friend is being hailed as a local hero.

A picture of South Londonderry Township Officer Nick Ague carrying a German Shepherd to safety has gotten more than 100,000 views on social media, and it might help Ague's push for a his force to establish a K-9 unit.

Last Sunday, Ague responded to a car accident where no one involved was injured but a dog had fled from the backseat of its owners car.

"Being a dog owner myself, I know how I would feel if I never saw my dog again if it took off and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that,"  Ague said. He says he's still in disbelief at how much response the story is getting.

Ague tracked the dog for at least two miles to a field on the outskirts of his jurisdiction.

He slowly approached the dog and noticed its paws were torn up from running through asphalt and on unpaved roads.

Ague had no choice but to carry Mya, the German Shepherd hundreds of yards through the field.

"I’m so proud but I’m not shocked because that’s Nick," Dorothy Ague, Nick's wife, said.

Ague's timing with the rescue may turn out to be perfect.

He has recently pushed for South Londonderry Township to have a K-9 unit. The township board of supervisors has been receptive to the idea, but still needs to give it final approval.UPDATE: After cop rescues dog after car accident; South Londonderry Police announce formation of K-9 unit

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