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UPDATE: Fire station in Shipoke re-opened after equipment issues

Updated: Friday, October 4 2013, 05:29 PM CDT
Updated by Nate Wardle:

HARRISBURG -- CBS 21 learned that the Paxton Fire Station was able to reopen on Friday.

Without any official notice, a fire station in Harrisburg was temporarily closed Thursday.

A sign is now posted on the doors of the Paxton Fire Company doors on Second Street. It says the station is closed so if you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

The fire chief says the closure is due to equipment failure and is temporary.

It was a Tweet from a Harrisburg firefighter that first alerted CBS 21 about the Paxton Stations closure Thursday afternoon.

Fire Chief Robert Talloni says he wanted the sign to be put on the door because some people still show up at fire stations in emergency situations.

For those the work and live around Shipoke section of Harrisburg, this station represents security, safety, and a quick response.

A bus wrecked over there two weeks ago, and they were there in less than five minutes, Chris Crownover said as he worked at an automotive shop just down the road from the station.

Talloni reassured CBS 21 that adequate fire coverage still exists for the city and its citizens; however, it's just temporarily been shifted until equipment can be fixed.

He says Tower 3 had to be moved out of the Paxton station to the Allison Hill station, replacing Tower 1 that broke today.  He explained 2 reserves are also being repaired.

Talloni says the city's equipment is old and he's working on inventive financial options to replace them.

Meanwhile -- tonight the city will be protected by five pieces of equipment instead of six. Talloni wouldn't predict how long it will take to get Tower 3 back into this now-empty station in Shipoke.
I'd rather have them respond instead of wait for a company further away. It's a little troubling to know they shut the station down right up the road from us, Crownover said.

This is actually the second time that the Paxton Fire Company had to be closed because of equipment issues.

Talloni says a new tower truck could cost $900,000. He says that he's been reassured that the city can get up to $500,000 from the Harrisburg Volunteer Firemens Relief Fund. He also talked to the county about getting a grant through casino revenues. Talloni is still working on that request.

He didn't want to give a day when this station will reopen because he doesn't know how long it will take to get the parts for Tower 3 -- or how long the repairs will take.UPDATE: Fire station in Shipoke re-opened after equipment issues

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