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UPDATE: Meeting for controversial police chief postponed after gun drops to the floor

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 11:15 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman:

Gilberton -- At a public hearing for suspended Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler; in a very small, tight, crowded room, a man standing behind Kessler's lawyer dropped his loaded gun.

"This is a public building!" said Joseph Nahas, Kessler's attorney.

The man was immediately kicked out and left.  Because of it officials decided to end the hearing.

"We're in a very small room, it's made of concrete,” Nahas explained. “If a gun were to be chambered and land on concrete as it just did we could be injured."

The hearing will be moved and continue at the Schuylkill County Courthouse, where guns aren't allowed.

"I can't conduct or do my job appropriately when handguns are getting dropped on concrete," said Nahas.

The purpose of the hearing was to hear from witnesses like Gilberton's Mayor, who testified Thursday night and give that information to the borough council, which will then decide if they want to fire Kessler.

Kessler was suspended without pay after he made a YouTube video shooting and swearing.

But council members say they suspended him because of work-related issues.

"What's really going on here is this, Mark Kessler shot some videos and in those videos he used profanity, automatic weapons and said some things that weren't favorable language. If he would have used vanilla language and said, 'oh golly gee' while using a water soaker, we wouldn't be here today," Nahas commented.

Kessler's supporters, who spilled out of the hearing room, say he should be able to keep his job.

"I can't find one thing that would justify his firing. He did nothing. This is all personal, petty stuff," said Trish Adam , Kessler supporter.

CBS 21 News tried to talk to Gilberton's Mayor, who testified, as well as the man who dropped that gun, but they both raced out of the room.

The meeting to decide the fate of controversial police chief Mark Kessler was postponed Thursday evening after a gun dropped to the floor.

The meeting started around 530 p.m., and was about an hour and a half long when one of the men in attendance dropped a gun to the floor.  The gun did not fire, but it scared lawyers and the hearing officer so much that the meeting was adjourned.

The meeting will continue at a later time at the Schuylkill County Courthouse, a date has not been chosen at this time.

CBS 21s Ewa Roman was on scene, attached is video she took shortly after the gun dropped.  UPDATE: Meeting for controversial police chief postponed after gun drops to the floor

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