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UPDATE: Mother of 14-year-old who is victim of alleged child luring speaks

Updated: Wednesday, October 16 2013, 11:11 PM CDT
Reported by Ewa Roman:

Hanover -- A 14-year-old girl escapes the grips of a man who tried to kidnap her Wednesday night.

This happened in Hanover, York County, where police say there were two other incidents within the last 10 days.

The incident happened at a park near Hanover High School.

The girl's mother tells CBS 21 that she was walking home after hanging out with some friends when the man parked his van and came up behind and grabbed her.

It was roughly 6 p.m. when Rebecca's 14-year-old daughter was leaving a park near Hanover High. She'd been hanging out with some friends.

She saw a van drive toward her and circle around.  Then a man got out and tried to grab her coat. She jerked away.

He yelled, ‘come back’ and she took off running.

"She ran home she was a mess, shaking and jerking and crying we could hardly get any information about of her," explained Rebecca.

She said the man who tried to take her daughter is white, with a white beard, driving a white van.

“She said he was a white man, tall and lanky and he had a beard and looked really dirty," the mother relayed.

This is the third attempted abduction to happen in this area in the past ten days.

"Yeah it could have been a different outcome but it wasn't, we're lucky, we are very lucky and he'll get his," Rebecca told us.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact the Hanover Borough Police Department at 637-5575 or through York County 911.  
UPDATE: Mother of 14-year-old who is victim of alleged child luring speaks

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