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UPDATE: What operations continue during the partial government shutdown?

Updated: Tuesday, October 1 2013, 07:36 AM CDT
What will remain open during the partial government shutdown, and what will be closed? CBS 21 News breaks it down for you...

Air Traffic Control
Military Operations (Active and veterans will be paid)
Social Security will be paid
Postal delivery service (Though some items may be delayed if processed through a federal agency)

National Parks
National Monuments
Federally backed mortgages will be delayed
Passport & Visa applications will be delayed
Gun permits see a delay as well

President Obama is telling members of the military he'll work to get Congress to reopen the government as soon as possible.

Obama is addressing troops in a video message, after Congress missed the midnight deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown.

"I'm going to keep fighting to get rid of those across-the-board budget cuts-the sequester-which are hurting our military and our economy.  We need a responsible approach that deals with our fiscal challenges and keeps our military and our economy strong," he says.

Obama says troops in uniform will remain on duty as usual, even in a government shutdown.

He says he's signed a law ensuring troops will get paid on time.

Obama promises ongoing operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere will continue. He does add that Defense Department civilians may be furloughed.


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With just over two hours until midnight deadline for government shutdown, Senate rejects new Republican counterproposal to both rein in ObamaCare and fund the government, kicking the bill back to the House. 

Click HERE to read more on this story: 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Democratic-led Senate has rejected conditions that House Republicans attached to a temporary spending bill.

On the brink of a government shutdown, the Senate voted 54-46 on Monday to strip a one-year delay in President Barack Obama's health care law from the bill that would keep the government operating. The Senate also stripped a provision that would have eliminated the tax on medical devices.

CLICK here to read the full article: 13-09-30-14-24-46UPDATE: What operations continue during the partial government shutdown?

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