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UPDATE: Son to head to trial for decapitation of father

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 02:38 PM CDT

Scott Anthony Schaffer, will head to trial in connection with the fatal stabbing and decapitation of his father.

Schaffer is accused of killing his father 62-year-old Steven Schaffer.

Police say Schaffer called 911 last month, and confessed to the killing. He told officers he did it, because he wanted to go to prison.

A judge ordered Schaffer be held for trial. His formal arraignment is scheduled for October 11th.
Reported by: Christina Butler

Police in York County are continuing to investigate the grisly murder of a Hanover resident.

Officials say Scott Anthony Schaffer, 32, admitted to decapitating his father Thursday night, and said he did it to ensure he'd go to prison.

Police say the incident happened around 9:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Stock Street. Officials received a 911 call from Schaffer, who admitted to dispatchers that he killed his father.

When officers got to the house, they say they found Schaffer on the front porch with blood on his hands and clothing and with a knife in his possession.  

Then, officers say they found Steven Schaffer, 62, inside the home. According to a criminal affidavit, officers found Schaffer with a decapitated head. 

Police say Schaffer confessed to killing his dad and decapitating him.
 According to the affidavit, Schaffer told police he killed his dad with hopes he would go to prison.

Catherine Jordan, a neighbor of the elder Schaffer, said she heard no commotion coming from the house.

"I was putting my kids to sleep. If I had known he needed help, (that) something was happening over there...dismemberments, dying...and nobody knows," she said. 

Jordan said the dead man often would say hello to her and her children.
"He's always been very nice, very police. This is shocking," she added.

"There's got to be another way to go to jail besides doing that to your father. It's very creepy to know that I was putting my kids to bed while this poor gentleman was being stabbed to death, close enough to throw something at my house," she said.

Schaffer allegedly bought the knife on Thursday. Officers say he has been charged with first and third degree murder.UPDATE: Son to head to trial for decapitation of father

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