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UPDATE: Three dead after three car crash on I-81 in Franklin County

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 03:42 PM CST

State Police state that the second passenger in the car driven by John Reardon has passed away from their injuries. 

State Police have identified the two people who died in the crash.

Police have identified the first victim as John Reardon from Doylestown and the second victim as Anna Pecht of Huntingdon Valley.

Police say a vehicle driving northbound on I-81 crossed the median striking the vehicle that Reardon was driving in the left hand lane of I-81 driving south. Pecht was a passenger in Reardon's vehicle.

His vehicle then struck a third vehicle that was in the right hand lane of I-81 going south.

Another passenger in Reardon's vehicle is currently being treated at the York Trauma Center.

Reported by Ewa Roman (

State Police in Franklin County say two people died and five were hurt when their vehicles crashed just as freezing rain fell.

This happened on Interstate 81 South near mile marker 21 in Greene Township, Franklin County.

State Police say weather conditions were a factor in the crash.

State police say the crash happened around 3:10 p.m. Sunday. the roadway was closed for hours as police investigated and fire police re-routed traffic.

"I'm going to say an hour, an hour and a half. We went two miles in 30 minutes," Hannah Mack-Boll, driving to Virginia.

"Going south bound and immediately hit the traffic jam, I got an alert but I was already on 81 and it took me over an hour to get here that's what seven miles?" Said Tim Clements, Waynesboro resident.

"It was bad it was scary, I'm usually not scared driving but I was scared especially when I have my family in the car," said Dameon Roderiguez, driving to North Carolina.

Police say the driver of one vehicle heading North crossed the median and hit another vehicle heading South and then that vehicle hit another one.
In total, three vehicles were involved.

Some drivers who were stuck in the backlog didn't know what happened.

"Really? Wow! Hopefully as I drive through the state, and I get out of PA it'll be a lot better, " said Roderiguez.

"People just need to drive slower be more careful on the roads, I mean it's easy to think it's good driving conditions, but it's slick. It's a shame though," said Jesse Reist, driving to VA.

Police have not released information about those involved in the crash.UPDATE: Three dead after three car crash on I-81 in Franklin County

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