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UPDATE: Townships decide to work together to keep the public safe on Lambs Gap Road

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 03:16 PM CST
Reported by: Ewa Roman

Updated - March 4 at 4:10 p.m.

MARYSVILLE -- CBS 21 is getting results.

In an update to a story we've been working on, people came to us for help fearing for their safety on Lambs Gap Road.

Their complaint was that Hampden Township, Cumberland County wouldn't provide winter maintenance on its side when Rye Township, Perry County kept its side clear.

You'll remember on Wednesday, we were turned away when trying to get answers from Hampden Township. But since that story aired, Hampden Township Manager Keith Metts returned our calls, telling us he wasn't aware of the problem.

We spoke with Rye Township Supervisor Ken Quigley, who told us that because of our stories, Metts called him. 
They have agreed to meet this summer to come up with a game plan, saying Lambs Gap Road is a safety issue and they want to get the problem resolved by working together.

You can see our past report by clicking on the link below:

CBS 21 News continues to cover the lack of winter maintenance on part of Lambs Gap Road that sits on top of a mountain in Hampden Township, Cumberland County.Since our first story aired, we’ve learned that neighbors saw plow trucks out there today.

Then we dispatched our CBS 21 News crew to check it out and they confirmed that, not only was the roadway plowed, but crews poured fresh salt on the road.

“He said he’s not going to be able to talk to you,” said the woman at the front desk of the Hampden Township Municipal Building today, when we tried to get answers from Township Manager Keith Metts, on why their portion of Lambs Gap Road was not getting plowed.

Each time we called Metts, we were told that he was in a meeting. That’s why we stopped by today.

Earlier this month, several people called CBS 21 for help. They wanted a dangerous part of Lambs Gap Road in Hampden Township cleared of snow and ice.

We went there and our cameras immediately caught drivers getting stuck.
Since our story aired, even more people contacted us for help, saying the road has been this way for decades,  because Hampden Township refuses to plow or maintain a small stretch of Lambs Gap Road on the mountain.

Posted signs warn no maintenance.

“They really do get upset and most people are surprised, like what do you mean there’s no winter maintenance?” said Cathy Queitzsch, owner, Smile Spinners.

Cathy owns Smile Spinners on the Rye Township side of Lambs Gap Road, the part which is maintained during the winter.

When drivers travel through that area, GPS often takes them through Lambs Gap Road.

Cathy says it affects her business.

So she posted a warning to potential customers on her website saying, “Please use caution for a few days after snow or ice storms, for Hampden Township does not maintain a small portion of the road on the south side of the mountain.”

“I had two customers a couple of weeks ago, who had to back down the Hampden Township Side to get off, because there were four cars piled up at the top,” said Queitzsch.

Rye Township tells us they’ve repeatedly asked Hampden to provide winter maintenance, so that residents are safe when crossing to and from the counties, but tell us Hampden Township didn’t respond.

Ironically a resident today reached out to us, dropping a bombshell, that for the first time in years, she saw a plow truck on that stretch of roadway. So we went to check it out and saw it was, in fact,  plowed with a fresh coating of salt.
We showed Kelly Black who lives close by.

“That is kind of hard to believe, very hard to believe!” said Kelly Black, Rye Township Resident.

The big question for residents now, is will Hampden continue to plow and salt Lambs Gap?

We also found out today that the township receives state money to keep roads maintained, something we are looking into and we’ll let you know what we find out.
UPDATE: Townships decide to work together to keep the public safe on Lambs Gap Road

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