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UPDATE: Two men charged in death of Berks Co. woman

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 06:01 PM CST
Written by: Kyle Rogers

Two men are behind bars after police believe they were involved in the death of a 23-year-old missing woman from Berks County.

Ashley Kline's body was found in a remote area near Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve in Clay Township two weeks after her family reported her missing.

The Lancaster County District Attorney announced the charges and subsequent arrests of Adam Lynch and Ryan Schannauer for homicide/conspiracy, arson/conspiracy, and abuse of a corpse.

"All homicides are shocking to some degree but the particular vicious level that they took it to in this case, by a lighting a living person on fire," said district attorney Craig Stedman.

In recently filed criminal affidavits, the men describe the night of December 30th but with different stories.

Lynch told police he and Schaunnauer picked Kline up from her home where the three drove and there was some kind of sexual activity followed by a physical confrontation. Lynch told police he was behind the wheel and pulled off into a wooded area near Seglock Road.

Both men told police they exited the car and Lynch described it was a struggle, according to the affidavit.

Schannauer and Lynch acknowledge Kline was stabbed several times, however both said the other did so.

Investigators believe the two conspired with each other to douse Kline with gasoline and lit her on fire and left her to die.

"They both have given their versions of the events and how it transpired," said Stedman at a press conference Thursday afternoon. "They both have admitted to conduct that would constitute criminal homicide."

Police had a lead in the then-missing person's case when Kline's purse, with her identification card, were discovered outside a hat company.

Investigators believe just days after the "vicious" death, the men had returned to the area of Kline's body, only to burn the area again to destroy evidence.

"What's clear here is really with all accounts she was intentionally killed with stabbing and burning," said Stedman. "However it started, from our point of view, is not is important as to the way it ended up, and it ended it up with a senseless loss of life."

Both men are held without bail in Lancaster County Prison. They will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on January 24th.
UPDATE: Two men charged in death of Berks Co. woman

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