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UPDATE: UGI, emergency crews quickly get gas leak under control, Park Ave back open Thursday morning

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 05:13 AM CDT
Reported by: Lauren McLane

UPDATE: Park Avenue is back open as of 6:12 Thursday morning! Continue to use caution on your morning commute.

HERSHEY -- An accident at a construction site forced the evacuation of two downtown Hershey Restaurants late Wednesday night.

"We were called to a gas leak. There was construction in the area and a gas line was hit," Hershey Fire Department Deputy Chief Rodney Sonderman told CBS 21.

A UGI crew was called to the scene, and "they'll figure out the hows of it. That will be investigated," he added.

Because of the road's proximity to ZooAmerica, crews were worried about the animals, but the UGI crew investigated the main building and found it to be clear of gas.

Zoo workers were on their way to check the safety of the animals.

"With the wind, we asked Houlihan's and Devon's to evacuate," Sonderman said. The wind was blowing away from the zoo and toward the restaurants.

Norfolk Southern, which has a rail line nearby, was notified of the leak as well.

Nearly an hour after dispatch,  the smell of gas lingered in the air. A nearby construction project already had motorists funneled off the main road and detouring, which made emergency responders' jobs easier.

Hershey -- Emergency crews have declared the gas leak under control, according to scanner reports.

UGI officials were able to shut the gas off less than an hour after the leak originally occurred, which was around 930 p.m..

The leak was on Park Avenue, between Trinidad Avenue and Derry Road.  Park Avenue runs between Hersheypark and Zoo America. 

Originally, crews were expecting to have to call for evacuations, which is standard procedure when a large gas leak occurs.

However, crews were able to quickly figure out where the source of the leak was and get it under control.

CBS 21 is on scene and will have a report at 11.

Emergency crews are currently on the scene of a gas leak in Derry Township.

UGI is currently on scene and attempting to shut off the gas leak and also determine what radius, if any, needs to be evacuated.

Crews were called out around 935 p.m. for the report of a gas leak in the area.  The leak is on Park Avenue between Trinidad Avenue and Derry Road. 

This is in the area directly between ZooAmerica and Hersheypark.

Because of it being a gas leak, normal protocol is to prepare an evacuation zone  In addition, scanner reports indicate that fire crews could hear the gas venting from the railroad tracks, which is at the top of the hill.

CBS 21 is headed to the scene and will provide more information as soon as we can.  UPDATE: UGI, emergency crews quickly get gas leak under control, Park Ave back open Thursday morning

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