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UPDATE: Veteran living in car checks in to Lebanon VA, animals rescued by Humane Society

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 07:52 AM CST
Reported by James Tully:

MYERSTOWN – In Lebanon County, more than two dozen animals are safe after being rescue from a homeless veteran's car.
The conditions were extremely unsanitary, and it's believed the animals were living there for at least a month.

But it is our understanding this could have been much worse.

Health-wise it is hard to believe but they're all doing ok.

The Humane Society of Lebanon County rescued 24 cats and three dogs that had spent at least the last four weeks living together.

Which would be bad enough if it were in a house, but these cute pets were all crammed together inside a mid-sized sedan.

“Thankfully she knew that it was time to ask for help,” commented Aspasia Yeager with the Humane Society.

She is a homeless veteran, who claimed all of these animals as pets. The woman turned herself in to the Lebanon VA Hospital on Friday, then turned over ownership of these animals to the Humane Society,

She is being treated in Lebanon at this time.

“I've never seen anything that dirty or smelled that bad, it was disgusting just opening the door could knock you out,” Dominique Krow with the Humane Society told us.

All of the animals have been checked by a vet, vaccinated and will be spayed and neutered.

Some minor respiratory issues are amazingly the only health concerns.

“It really is a good outcome for the cats and dogs,” Aspasia concluded.

The animals are all expected to be placed up for adoption within the next week.

If you're interested in any of these animals, go to or call 717-628-1369.

Numerous animals were rescued from a car parked at the Lebanon VA Medical Center on Saturday.

Humane Society staff responded to the call and removed 24 cats, two Cocker Spaniels and one Chihuahua mix from the vehicle, a mid-sized sedan.

The owner of the car, a veteran, had been living in the car with the animals since January.

The owner checked herself into the Lebanon VA Medical Center late Friday night and alerted hospital staff that the animals were in the car.  The animals were taken to the shelter where they were vaccinated, dewormed and examined by the Human Society’s veterinarian.

Ownership of all animals has been transferred to the Humane Society, and all are resting comfortably at the shelter, located in Myerstown.  The rescued animals are being observed, but right now appear to be in good condition. 

The animals will be up for adoption in the next week after they have been spayed, neutered and medically cleared.

“This is why we are here,” said Humane Society Director of Operations Aspasia Yeager. “To help both animals and people.  It’s very rewarding.  The owner realized she was in over her head and was thankful that her pets would be finally receiving the care they need and deserve.”UPDATE: Veteran living in car checks in to Lebanon VA, animals rescued by Humane Society

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