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UPDATE: York City fire ruled arson, nine people displaced

Updated: Wednesday, October 23 2013, 04:36 PM CDT
Reported by: Chris Papst

Nine people have been displaced following a fire in York that damaged four row homes.  Fire officials are ruling it arson.  

The investigation has been turned over to the York Police. 

“Everything me and my kids have is gone.  I’m a single mom.  I can’t get it back," said Angela Holloman.  Most of Holloman's home has been destroyed. 

Around 10:50 Wednesday morning, she was returning from shopping when she saw the 300 block of Oak Lane was blocked off.  She feared the worst. 

"I was trying to pull in here and I couldn’t pull in because of all of the trucks, fire trucks and everything like that,” said Holloman.  “So, I was hoping it wasn’t my house.  I went around and it was.”

 Holloman has two kids, 14 and 9.  They were at school.  The family of three is not from this area, having recently moved here from Baltimore and they have nowhere to turn. 

 But the worst part of this fire for Holloman involves what’s still inside the home, that she can’t get back.  “Certain stuff is irreplaceable – like all my dad’s stuff.  He passed away."

“It was like huge flames,” stated Lisa Beth Correa.

Victor Beaman and Correa were home when the fire started.  They live in the end unit and were able to get the six kids with them out, safely.  Their apartment suffered minor damage.  When they get to go inside, they’ll hope for the best, while understanding it could have been worse.  "We could have been sleeping.  Thank God we wasn’t,” said Beaman.

The Red Cross was on scene today helping the families displaced.   No one was injured.   Damage is estimated at $100,000.
UPDATE: York City fire ruled arson, nine people displaced

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