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UPDATE:Concerns about sinkholes grow in Palmyra as another sinkhole opens

Updated: Wednesday, March 12 2014, 01:56 PM CDT
Written by: Kyle Rogers

Palmyra- In a borough plagued by sinkholes, another one recently formed, in front of homes already abandoned because of the gaping holes.

Earlier this week, another small sinkhole opened up as students from Shippensburg University were examining the land along the 300 block of East Cherry Street. One neighbor said a student was standing on the sidewalk when it gave way.

Last year, several residents were forced from their homes after sinkholes formed along the street and under their homes. Already a significant headache, those living nearby fear the worst despite Palmyra borough's attempt at filling the voids.

"How is the borough handling water runoff? How do we handle storm water? What's the plan for that?" said Kenn Medina, who's yard became victim to a massive sinkhole off of Grant Street.

Medina said his property's void was filled in by the borough a day after he came home to find his yard sinking. His home was not damaged, he said.

Though the warmer temperatures are welcomed by most, Medina said his concerns lay on the street -- noticeable dips formed on East Cherry Street as the ground begins to thaw from winter and rain is in the forecast.

"I believe the borough needs to kick it up a notch and make some pretty firm decisions on what they're doing with storm water management," Medina said Tuesday afternoon.

CBS 21 News contacted the borough manager and mayor of Palmyra, however calls were not immediately returned.

A geologist said the problem lays  under the surface of Palmyra where run-off water combined with limestone leave spaces for hollow tunnels.

One council member, who once lived near the affected area, said the borough had conducted geological surveys and are reviewing the results.

On Tuesday night, the Palmyra Borough Council approved a $20,000 study study that will try to get down to the bottom of the problem.

The money will be used to look at the cause of the problem and hopefully come up with a more permanent fix.
UPDATE:Concerns about sinkholes grow in Palmyra as another sinkhole opens

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