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UPDATED: Monday morning flight from Harrisburg to Orlando cancelled due to mechanical issues

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 03:31 PM CST
Posted by Nate Wardle:

A flight from Harrisburg to Orlando, Florida on Frontier Airlines was cancelled Monday morning due to mechanical issues.

The flight was scheduled to take off around 7 a.m. from HIA, but was unable to due to the mechanical issue. 

According to HIA, this is the first cancellation by Frontier in 500 flights out of the airport.

Frontier is booking customers on available Frontier flights and also on other airlines.  The airline apologizes for any inconveniences to passengers.

The following information is from the Frontier website regarding flight delay and cancellation re-accomodations, which can be found here: 


Nobody likes it when things don't go according to plan and neither do we, but sometimes it happens. If your flight is delayed, cancelled, diverted, or if you miss a connecting flight due to controllable situations, we'll place you on our next available flight at no additional charge or fare.

If we can't get you on a Frontier flight scheduled to arrive within three hours of your original itinerary, we'll do our best to arrange for you to fly on another available carrier or combination of carriers with whom we have agreements. Information on any alternate travel arrangements will be available through our airport or telephone reservations representatives. If on the day of travel there are no other options and you have to spend the night in a connecting city, we'll do our best to arrange and provide hotel accommodation and meal vouchers to offset the expense. If you are delayed or misconnected in a connecting city and decide not to travel onward on the re-accommodation offered, we will allow you to return to your point of origin on the next available flight.

If your flight is cancelled or your flight's departure is delayed more than three hours and you choose not to accept our re-accommodation, we'll give you a full refund of any unused portion of your ticket.

UPDATED: Monday morning flight from Harrisburg to Orlando cancelled due to mechanical issues

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