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Vandals destroying signs in Hamilton Twp, Adams Co.

Updated: Monday, September 16 2013, 07:01 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Vandals are making a mess of stop signs in Adams County. The signs in Hamilton Township have been hit in recent months, and almost half a dozen of them have had to be completely replaced.

Hamilton Township Road Master Jay Livingston says it costs about $50 a sign to replace them.  "The thing that really upsets you is the state has mandated we put up all new signs. So we're around putting up our new signs to state standards, and this is what you have after a short period of time," Livingston said while motioning to stop signs that are destroyed. "They are up and you just have to go back and replace them again."

The vandalism isn't necessarily vulgar or profane, but it's enough to cover up the "stop" on the sign. The solution township officials have to use on the sign erases the "STOP," essentially destroying the sign.

People who live in Hamilton Township worry about what damaged or disturbed stop signs could lead to. Brook Ketron was walking along Forrest Drive, where signs were recently hit by the vandal or vandals.

"Just think before you do something. It may seem innocent at the time, but it could cause a crash and take someone's life, or cause an injury, or just the pain of fixing a car, that's not fun to do," she said.

Ketron says most people who are familiar with the local roads know where the signs would be, but someone who isn't as familiar with the roads may be in danger.

Livingston says he believes if there was a crash caused by a damaged stop sign, the vandal could be held liable.

"It can be a very serious offense," he said.  Livingston believes it may be more than one person since the signs have been hit on far sides of the township. Vandals destroying signs in Hamilton Twp, Adams Co.

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