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Voters heading to polls for York County special election

Updated: Tuesday, March 18 2014, 04:01 PM CDT
Reported by: Michael Gorsegner

Some voters in York County will be heading to the polls Tuesday for a special election to replace one of their State Senators.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and the three candidates will be vying to fill retired State Senator Mike Waugh’s 28th District seat. Waugh left to take a job at the Farm Show complex. 

Now, voters across different parts of York County will head to the polls today to determine who might fill that vacant seat for the rest of the term, which is only this year.

Three candidates, three views, one seat. Two candidates are on the ballot including Republican State Representative Ron Miller and retired Navy officer Democrat Linda Small. Not on the ballot, but making a huge write-in push, is Penn Waste owner Scott Wagner.

"We need term limits in Harrisburg. I believe it should be an eight-year term max, just like a Governor and just like the President," said Wagner during an debate at media partner WSBA radio.

The businessman is looking to make huge financial cuts at the capitol while making government more transparent and accessible.

"You have to understand the funding formula that is now in place. We have winners all over the state at an expense to my constituents and York County," said State Representative Ron Miller.

Rep. Miller already serves many voters in York County and is looking to make the jump to the Senate side. He points to his years of service in the legislature as evidence of his work.

"One of the issues I want to bring up is the homeless veteran population in Pennsylvania. It has increased over the last four years, while the rest of the nation’s homeless population for veterans has decreased," said Democrat Linda Small.

Small is no stranger to politics. The Democrat ran unsuccessfully for Miller's state seat twice in 2010 and 2012. She believes that Pennsylvania should close corporate tax loopholes and give that money over to the schools.

This special election comes at a hefty price tag. For all of the advertising and notifications necessary, the county puts the price tag around $100,000 thousand. 

And this seat will only be filled until the end of 2014 and the person elected could become a lame duck if they lose their primary in May. 

This district here in York County, the 28th District has been redistricted. 

So people that might have normally voted in this election from East Manchester and West Manheim Townships can't vote in this special election. Meanwhile newcomers, Chanceford and Heidelburg Township residents will be able to determine who will sit in their Senate seat if only for the next few months.

For more information on polling places, CLICK Here: heading to polls for York County special election

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